Thursday, April 01, 2010

Last time on P&PG...

Since the last update I:
-quit both my jobs
-moved back with my mom in nyc
-hate my life

All my knitting stuff is packed in a box that I won't have access to until R and I get our own place so that's an extra incentive to race towards getting a job. If nothing else it'll get me out of my mother's which is not a place I enjoy being by any means. Oh, and lucky me, I moved back home the same week she decided to take off work. Do you know how awesome it is to be trapped with my mother for a week? I'm ready to kill myself.

Unluckily, I have no savings to speak of. All my money is going towards student loans, cc bills, and my phone. Which aren't at all unmanageable, but there's no income. So I guess they kind of are. I was supposed to get a few hundred dollars from my tax refund - except my father claimed me as a dependent. Really fucking fantastic. Now I owe $170! Thanks dad!

Went to PAX last weekend. It was fantastic! Saw only a few cosplayers but they weren't horrific and a few were quite good. Played a few cool games that aren't out yet, got some cool shirts and bags and looking forward to next years PAX East. Maybe next time I'll get Will Wheaton's autograph.


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