Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Things about 2009 I learned or thought about or should do (not really more like 100)

1. It is the last year of this decade, which leads me to realize I don't know what this decade is called. The Zeros? Hm.
2. The aparment I've been living in for 18 months is much warmer than the last one.
3. I can knit a lot if I want to.
4. A Blackberry is an equal trade for a misbehaving cat. Ok, no its not. I'll send the cat away to another room, but never the BB. ilu, bb.
5. I like Bones a lot.
6. Also Modern Family.
7. And Better off Ted.
8. I really don't watch that much tv anymore.
9. Hulu would be perfect if HIMYM were on it.
10. I should be getting ready for work instead of writing right now and procrastinating.
11. I wish I had someone to talk to me in Spanish up here.
12. Still not have figured out why citrus is so expensive in Bing, but not anything else.
13. Wallets from the Pearl River Mart: not really that durable.
14. I like wool.
15. Also MAC.
16. I got engaged this year. I think?
17. I don't think it bodes well that I don't even know the year that Richard proposed to me.
19. Coffee makes me go to the bathroom.
20. It is possible to work two jobs and still have no money.
21. Getting a cat to pose for a photo is like getting John to pose for a photo. Ergo, John is a cat. Furry!
22. I should get a tongue piercing, y/n?
23. The answer is no.
24. It would be hot though.
25. Hot in a "I'm a sexy librarian kind of way."
26. A cat will let you stick your finger in her mouth if she's relaxed enough.
27. Not really that much saliva in a cat's mouth.
28. Working two jobs is terrible.
29. 5% of customers are awful people all around, the rest of you are average.
30. Getting movie rentals a week before they come out is pretty cool.
31. Bruno was a terrible movie all around.
32. Your mom is a classy lady!
33. Nobody gives a shit about the cake anymore. It is old meme.
34. Writing is a job.
35. Sleeping on my futon is very comfortable.
36. Seeley & Brennan OTP
37. Cooking in a kitchen that is too small is aggravating.
38. Together, my ipod Touch and Blackberry are unstoppable.
39. Netbooks are perfectly respectable if you don't game.
40. Or do any Photoshopping.
41. Which I used to do obsessively. I miss Photoshop.
42. Having a cat is really awesome, because I am really lazy.
43. Butter, garlic, lemon juice, white wine, & fresh parsley: A great all around sauce.
44. It is very easy to forget when to use a colon and semicolon.
45. Upstairs in an adverb.
46. I will never find out who Wallace is.
47. Homegrown tomatoes are the greatest thing ever.
48. I need more money to live the way I want to.
49. DUH!
50. I am halfway through the longest list I wrote this year.
51. Scribblenauts is an awesome game for one hour.
52. Ikura is the best thing ever.
53. You can never have too many bookcases.
54. Having autographed books of poetry is pretty cool.
55. Haikus can be fun
56. They can be hard to write well
57. Refridgerator
58. 55-57 was a haiku, in case you didn't notice.
59. Perky people are irritating.
60. Peacoats make everyone look good.
61. Working 12 hour days are terrible.
62. People who wait until Christmas Eve to do 300 dollars worth of groceries are my nemesises.
63. Nememsii?
64. I should look that up.
65. A lot of movies were really disappointing this year.
66. But you can't go wrong with a nice brie.
67. Wegmans sells quite a few varieties of brie in addition to many other fine cheeses.
68. I like cheese a lot.
69. It's nemeses, actually.
70. I could never be anti-choice.
71. I don't know how to feel about the death penalty.
72. I consider myself somewhere between Roman Catholic & Secular Humanist. Take that how you please.
73. No attention is better that negative attention.
74. It's nice to be held.
75. I think that having more counter space would encourage me to cook more. I don't have any room to chop, mix, knead or anything.
76. I like the Christmas gifts I got this year.
77. I don't read as much as I should anymore.
78. Sometimes its just a lot more satisfying to fall asleep in front of the tv.
79. Its nice to have people over here. I don't know when anyone is going to visit us again.
80. Sometimes I get lonely.
81. Sometimes I just feel depressed.
82. Sometimes I just need to watch tv shows on Hulu until I cheer up.
83. I want a bigger fridge in 2010.
84. I want more pantry space.
85. I want to lose 20 pounds.
86. I want to see my ribs again, as awful as that sounds.
87. I still don't think I'm pretty. When does that happen?
88. I don't talk to some of you as often as I should.
89. It's fun for me to watch Richard play video games. Sometimes.
90. It's amusing to irritate people too.
91. My cat has soft paws and I love her.
92. My gerbils are getting old.
93. Pizza is a good meal on New Years Eve.
94. I don't like Carson Daly.
95. I only watch New Years Rocking Eve for the last 2 minutes.
96. My resolution? To be better, overall.
97. My regrets? Too many to count.
98. My happiest moments? Far more than my regrets.
99. 2009 was a good year.
100. I love you all, more than you realize.


Sunday, December 06, 2009

Holiday Gift Guides

It's that time of year again: when blogs and newspapers across the internet post Christmas gift guides that I can barely afford to even think about. Of course, the gift are always beautiful and/or useful, but more often than not they're for that twenty to thirty-something that actually managed to find a job out of college and is making enough money to live in a home with working insulation and a refrigerator that isn't held together by duct tape. But I digress.

The guides will be divided into parts, Under 100, Under 50, Under 20, and so on, and the gifts will get more and more useless and un-gifty as the price goes down. "Oh, a set of napkin rings? You shouldn't have. Really." Really great stuff.

This year everyone on my list is getting my handmade stuff. Lip balms, knitted hats and gloves, Christmas cards that were on sale. Or left over from last year. If I could afford it, I would give people books, but I already owe a few hundred on my credit card, and more than 6k in student loans. My family can suffer as much as I am. Which isn't to say that a few people aren't getting nice things. I knit pretty well and it's going to be wool, so they're getting good stuff. And I did spend some money over all. This is probably my most stressful Christmas yet.