Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dr Bronner's

Let me just start by saying that I love Dr Bronner's soap. I would have multiple liters of it if I could afford it right now, scattered all around the house, depending on what I wanted to use it for. And I use it for practically everything.

I went to WholeFoods on Houston St. to check out their selection to see what scent I wanted to try since I basically finished off their citrus one. Incidentally, the prices there were not as high as I thought they might be. The produce, at least, was comparable to my regular supermarkets. So I was on the second floor, trying to figure out where the soaps were (past the protein bars and supplements), when I found what I think is a new scent. Rose! It actually has a very soft scent, not like overly artificial rose, almost sweet in a way. I picked up 8 oz for $6, iirc, and I definitely want to buy more to keep in the bathroom.

From what I've been able to figure out from my own use, and from reviews I've read, this is a quick list for what each scent does:

Peppermint - Good for oily skin, also makes your skin tingle after showers, so good in the summertime. Supposedly peppermint oil is an anti-inflammatory, so that's cool I guess.

Almond - This is good for dry skin, and is more moisturizing. I've never used this one because I don't like the smell, but I'll pick it up because my face gets dry.

Tea Tree Oil - As a shampoo, helps with dandruff, also good for acne on face and body, albeit a bit drying. Also good on oily skin. I use it as a shampoo >_>

Lavender - Calming, I suppose? I'm not a fan of lavender that much, and this one smells strong! Apparently good for acne as well.

Eucalyptus - Good for when you're sick! Take a hot bath with this and inhale the fumes to clear out your sinuses. :D I love eucalyptus tea when I'm sick, it just makes me feel better. Also an anti-inflammatory.

Baby - Their mildest, basically good for people who react to fragrances and essential oils.

Citrus - It smells like oranges. I don't know what to tell you other than that. Although, I have read that citrus oils are generally disliked by mosquitoes and their demonic ilk.

Rose - Smells like rose water! I'm not sure if it'll actually do anything for my skin, but smelling like a flower I actually like the scent of (not lavender! ugh!) is enough for me.

And I think that's it. A word of caution: Don't use this stuff at full strength, or if you do, measure how much you use in DROPS. It's very concentrated, and most people use, at the least a 3 to 1 water to soap ratio with their face and body washes.
For me, I take a few drops and rub them on my hands then into my hair for shampoo, or a few in the center of my scrubby and work up a lather for a body wash. Since its a SLS free soap, it won't lather up as much as regular soaps that most are used to, so keep that in mind.

Next time I write about Dr Bronner's, I list the ways I use it around the house, and generally I find that any of their varieties works fine all over the place in that regard.

Happy washing!

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