Monday, April 19, 2010


I'm wasting away

Of course, I am looking for jobs, but when you really aren't sure what you want to do with your life, its just a numbing expanse of roads to go down, all with their own cliffs to jump off of. (That metaphor was weird, make one up in your head that works.)

I made a call to a temp agency today, and left a voicemail. No call back, but fortune favors the bold, right? Calling back tomorrow, and calling a few other places. Only one interview so far, and it seems to have gone no where.

So most of my time at home is spent online basically. Why watch tv when Hulu is just so simple? I can watch Archer without even having cable. Yayyy me. FYI, Archer is hilarious. Watch it.

She's like the Pele of anal.

On that note, I watched Kick-Ass this weekend. There were good parts and bad, but overall I liked it. It was better, by far, than Burton's Alice in Wonderland, and that's being nice. It was nice to see a movie that wasn't full of famous faces for once, too. Hit Girl pushes the boundaries in terms of being a strong female character that wasn't sexualized as heck. And, let's face it, Kick Ass was adorable. (He's 19, I'm not creepy!)

Currently trying out a sample of MUFE's HD foundation in 120, but I'm slightly worried it might be too yellow. Yes, I'm using a luxury (imo) makeup brand when I'm unemployed, shut up it was a free sample. I have enough for a few more applications and I'm going out the next two days, so time will tell if it breaks me out and how it wears over the day. Going to pick up some Monistat anti-chafe gel, to use as a primer (it works, can't argue with results) because I've been wearing it over my (admittedly) heavy moisturizer and I think I'm looking a little shiny.

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