Sunday, November 15, 2009

This Morning

This morning I woke up 4 minutes early. That might not seem like much, but I treasure every moment I am asleep, and I would have enjoyed those minutes if THE CAT WOULD JUST LEAVE ME BE. If we don't feed her early enough, she has a whole process for getting one of us to get up. First she will jump on me and sit on my bladder. If I roll over, like today, she'll jump on the entertainment system and start chewing on my plants. When that did nothing but make me yell at her from bed, she went to the dining room and jumped on the table. So I got up, gave her a tray of kibble, and went to do my bathroom thing.

But that was not good enough, and she followed me around as I made my coffee, chirping, squeaking, and sighing. I GET IT, PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE CAT, I GET IT. So she got her half-can of wet food, with some l-lysine mixed in. Now she's all, I'm a cat, sitting in the sun, I'm licking my snatch to clean myself, hur hur hur.

Once in a while, I'll yell near her, "I know you're actually a person stuck in a cat's body." No response yet, but I'm confident.

Vala in the Sun

Monday, November 02, 2009

Evangeline Gloves

I wish there was some sort of app for the iPod touch, where I could just, like, type up a draft of a post and then save it to look over and post later. I guess you could say that's the email application, but I have more than 50 unfinished homeworks in my draft box, and I graduated college 6 months ago. I don't really see myself going back to that folder to do any cleaning.


I'm changing the name of the blog to my two favorite things, two things that are quite important to me, for reasons I'm not really sure about. Perhaps it's the efficiency inherent in both worlds. And by worlds, I don't really mean worlds. My pockets end up (more often than not) being a traveling garbage receptacle. As I write this I have no idea what is actually in my pockets. Sometimes I find money. Those are good days.

I love parking complexes. That's all I have to say about that, because if I start talking about how useful they are, I'll never stop.

I had about $4.30 in my paypal account, from God knows what at this point, so I bought the pattern for Evangeline on ravelry for $3 Canadian (2.96). I liked the long version of the gloves, but let's face it, when am I really going to wear gloves that long. I am not crazy enough to wear short sleeves here until May. Maybe. Anyway, the short version was just a little too short for my liking, so I added an extra cable repeat, and I ended up with two gloves I really like, and a few yards of Wool of Andes its possible that I will never use.

Evangeline underside

They still need to get blocked. One of the thumbs I bound off too tight, so it's a snug fit right now.