Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reading Vogue - I wrote this on saturday

I picked up the latest copy of Vogue today - for Tina Fey of course, and out of the whole magazine I have exactly one thing thats featured: my Blackberry Curve. Incidentally, I'm writing this on that same phone. Its purple. :)
I have determined, after lusting past 300+ pages, that I need new shoes, a bag, and a cute jacket. God knows I'm not switching jeans. The ones I have (that actually fit) hide my muffin top. HG material right there.
Which reminds me, I need belts.

I have been putting off calling up the long list of temp agencies I have in the city but I have a full day off to do it. So I have to email resumes, call people up, and hope for appointments to be set up. Preferably on easy to access subway lines.

A no-image post today.
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