Tuesday, May 04, 2010

New Bangs

I recently got a haircut, and now my hair is somewhere between this:


and this:

Only my non-bang hair is a lot like Bettie's. Let's not judge, people. I didn't tell the woman wielding the scissors how much to cut, I just told her I wanted a trim and she hacked my hair away.

They're not even cut that straight. >_> I had to go back to have a different stylist even out the crookedness, which ended up making the bangs that much shorter. The trouble is that my preferred hairstyle is a ponytail. I hate having my hair down, but it just looks better that way right now. Just my luck that its started to get hot and humid already.

Oh well, 3 more weeks and they'll be a normal person's length. Hopefully.

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