Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Michele enjoys a lull

The above photo is actually two months old, and since then the gerbil setup hasn't changed that much. The four of them are still split into three cages, but instead of being on a dresser in the dining room, they're now on a plain black desk. We bought new chewy wood houses for them, and at this point the houses are about 50% gone. (Remind me to buy more apple twigs, brain.)

Cookie the cat left with my neighbors at the end of May, and I miss her terribly. The squirrels continue to irritate me, and there's an upcoming post on a new intruder to the porch area: a grey stray cat.

I got a new job (actually two) that I'm starting on Thursday~ yay ~so that means.... nothing actually. The tomatoes are still coming along, and I plan to take some new photos tomorrow. Still green, but they're in the stage where they're becoming shiny rather than matte and fuzzy.

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